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Yoga Alliance
300 Hours Teacher Training Course (Integrated) RYS® 300 (35 Days)

Advanced 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Yoga Training Centre with the certification of Yoga Alliance USA 300 Hours we have prepared a required 300 hour Yoga TTC schedule as per the Yoga Alliance USA to meet the settled criterion. In Yoga Training Centre we provide pure knowledge of the ancient science of yoga – Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudra, Bandha, Dhyana, Mantra chanting, Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy and Physiology is explored and shared with yoga curious. In our 300 hours teacher training course, our yoga gurus not only focus on teaching but also develop the dynamic and attractive personality of students and make them understand yoga from the deeper extents. After successfully completing our 300 hours teacher training course, one can quest the physical and mental change in him and found himself as a stockpile of yogic knowledge. In every batch we accept maximum 6 students, in order to ensure personalized attention.

Yoga Teacher Training 300 Hours Program Details
  1. Hatha Yoga

    • Standing Asana
    • Sitting Asana
    • Forward Bending Asana
    • Back Bending Asana
    • Twisting Asana
    • Prone Asana
    • Inverted Asana
    • Meditative Asana
    • Kneeling Asana
    • Squatting Asana
    • Heaps & Solder Opening Asana
    • Balancing Asana
    • Stretching Asana
    • Relaxation Asana
    Accourding to defferent style of yoga such as :Shivanand Yoga,Satyananda yoga, Dhirendra bhrahmachari, B K S Iyenger, Kundalini yoga etc

  2. Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga (mysure style) primary series with focus on Drishti, Breath and Bandha.
  3. Shatkarma: Jala netti, Sutra neti, Dhugdha neti, Vaman Dhauti, Tratak, Nauli and Kapala bhati.
  4. Pranayama with Bandha

    • Ujjayi
    • Bhastrika
    • Kapalabhati
    • Bhramari
    • Surya Bheda
    • Chandra bheda
    • Nadi sodhana
    • Shitali
    • Shitakari
    • Voloma
    • Anuloma
    • Pratiloma
    • Bija

  5. Dhyana
    Different types of Meditation such as:

    • Yoga nidra
    • Prana vidya
    • Japa
    • Ajapaa
    • Chidakasha
    • Kundalini
    • Jain
    • Zoroastrianism
    • Transcendental

  6. Teaching Methodology

    • Meaning & Definitions Of Education
    • Types Of Education
    • Teaching Methods
    • Communication Skills
    • Genral Point Of Yoga Teaching
    • Propper Asana Sequencing
    • Making Yoga Course Shedules
    • Qualities Of Yooga Teacher
    Learn about Proper Sequencing, Postural Alignment & Adjustments.

  7. Anatomy & Physiology
    Basics of related Asanas:

    1. Digestive System
    2. Respiratory System
    3. Circulatory System
    4. Muscular System
    5. Skeletal System
    6. Endocrinal System
    7. Nervous System
    8. Reproductive System
    9. Excertory System
    After knowing functions of above systems (especially muscular and skeletal) student can know the proper alignment and contra indications of asana.
    • Effect of asana and pranayama practices on above systems
    • Introduction and functions of Nadis
    • Introduction and functions of Chakras

  8. Philosophy

    • Etymology, definition, history and development of yoga
    • 6 school of Indian philosophy
    • Types of yoga: Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Hatha yoga and Raja yoga
    • Objective and purpose of different types of yoga
    • Eight limbs of yoga
    • Introduction of Hatha yoga pradipika
    • Introduction of Yogasutra
    • important of ethical values in the life
    • introduction of pancha kosha
    • Effects of koshas to development of human personality

  9. Practicum

    • Student will have to lead 30 hours yoga classes applying what have been taught throughout modules under supervision of teachers.

Course schedule for T.T.C. 300 Hours(Yoga Alliance)

1.Waking up :5:30 A.M.
2.Tea : 5:40 A.M.
3.Meditation :6:00 A.M.
3.Pranayama :7:00 A.M.
4.Group yoga class : 8:00 A.M.
5.Lunch :10:00 A.M.
6.Self Study :11:00 A.M.
7.Reiki (Level 1 & 2) : 12:00 P.M.
8.Fruit snack : 1:00 P.M.
9.Anatomy : 3:00 P.M
10.Ashtanga yoga class : 4:00 P.M.
11.Philosophy : 5:30 P.M.
12.Dinner : 6:30 P.M.
13.Teaching methodology : 7:00 P.M.
14.Self study : 8:00 P.M.
15.Sleeping time : 10:00 P.M.

We organize Karma Yoga session on weekend.

Note: We provide Reiki Level 1 & 2 (Initiation and study material) absolutely free along with Y.T.T.C.300 Hours Yoga Alliance course.

We propose these activities on days off.

  • Boat Trip
  • Outdoor yoga classes
  • Outdoor meditation classes
  • Indian classical music concerts
  • Chanting MANTRAS

Note: course schedule will be change by Yoga training centre any time after informing students.

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