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Russian Federation

I came here to ytt200 with yoga alliances accreditation. and did not regret it, although at first it was scary, all the same, Varnasi is a very specific place .. but this yoga center is a miracle. You will feel in complete care and safety. Sunil is a very experienced yoga master .. he will be able to teach and show you the rare techniques of pranayama and reiki. Sharad giving Ashtanga and reads philosophy well, he graduated from Benares University, and you can hardly find such knowledge anywhere else. Chandra is an excellent yoga ticher and cooks very tasty. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to become a good teacher of yoga, and if you are already a teacher, like me, then this can greatly expand your understanding of yoga and its techniques. An excellent course of pranayama is the same. This is one of the few places in India where you can feel at home and feel all the love and care of these wonderful teachers.

Dustin Corkery

“… My experience with Sunil and Yoga has been very positive. The practice and meditation forced a self evaluation like no other, for it is relaxed, complete and without shame. As for the state of mind, my aggressive nature has slowly ceased, and I am not nearly as anxious as usually am even in my day to day events. I have stayed for 7 weeks doing Yoga, yet I am not the person that Sunil has given me the tools to find him."

Lucia Leiserach
United Kingdom

“Special experience, magical room, great teacher. You develop at your own speed and you can reach, stretch open yourself up as much as you will allow it. The mantras were amazing for me and gave me an energy I was unaware existed I could go on, but I guess all I can say is see for yourself and be gentle with yourself too!"

Kevin Brown

“When I had doubt as to my Sadhna you smoothed them over. Your energy, optimism and enthusiasm for yoga and life in general is limitless. You teach with love, patience and a tinge of pride akin to a mother for her children."

Neil D. Irwin
Hong Kong

“I’ve practiced Yoga for many years and what Sunil took me through in one week was with about a full years study with any other teacher. This guy is business - he lives it! A very valuable experience."

Toby Wallace

“I have known Sunil Kumar for many years. I came to Varanasi in 2000 to learn yoga, because I knew with all ancient practices and arts, only at the place of origin can one find the purest source. I tried other teachers in Varanasi and felt uncomfortable with all - either with problematic egos or poor techniques. I was recommend Sunil, and immediately everything felt right. Sunil’s ability to connect and relate with all different travellers was perfect. I found that i understood what Yog was - because Sunil, in essence, is himself Yog. Since that beginning I myself became a teacher (this was not my original intention). Sunil’s training was not merely practical - it was theoretical and spiritual. HIs unique program covers all forms of yoga, from contemporary Iyengar, Astanga and Satyanand to the classical Raj Yoga of Patanjali. I have been to many Yoga Schools in the west and all of them had extreme deficiencies in the techniques, direction, knowledge, and “way”. I thank God I

Susan Fanslow
United States

“I first heard about Sunil Kumar 3 years ago after University friends of mine had traveled to India to study yoga with him. After listening to my friends, recall their experiences with Sunil, I knew that I too would be traveling to India. I have been practicing yoga for a few years but had never been fully contested with any of my classes in either of my native Michigan or in southern California. My biggest criticism being the lack of any spirituality quality in the practice. Haha yoga in the west is mainly focused on its physical benefits, while these are important, there are more variables than just experiencing the body to good health. There must also be a calm mind and an element of spirituality. These are the qualities that are in Sunil’s teaching. I enrolled in the Yoga Training Centre’s Teacher’s Training Course and studied over 100 hours with Sunil. I watched him with many people from many different countries. I have been impressed with this ease in working with all the

Simon Parish
United Kingdom

"I have been teaching yoga in England and Germany, returning (India) almost every year of advanced yoga training from Sunil in Varanasi. On my own behalf and that of my students, I can attest that Sunil’s knowledge of yoga and stew ay he imports his knowledge has a unique quality and authenticity that comes from behind born into and living within the living yoga tradions of India and its intensive study of the original Hindi and Sanskrit yogic texts. He has enriched my experience of yoga in a way that no non-Indian yoga teacher could do. In addition, his moral qualities, in particular his honesty, deserve the very high praise. Sunil’s immense experience of yoga, actively practicing since childhood and teaching for many years, comes through in the depth and flexibility of his approach, able to teach a class of many students and yet give each one individual attention, giving each student the feeling that the class has been planned specially for him, yet remaining spontaneous. I come

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