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Our Yoga Classes

200 Hour T.T.C. delivers an intimate, comprehensive, theoretical and practical hands-on training program. T.T.C. as confident teachers with a strong and solid teaching skill set ready to begin their career. In every batch we accept maximum 6 students to ensure personalized attention.
300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training is an advanced course. Practitioners who have completed the 200 Hours Y. T. T. C. from any RYS® 200 can step forward for this course. It is recommended study program for those who want to reach the ultimate height of their career as a yoga teacher. In every batch we accept maximum 6 students to ensure personalized attention.
Yoga Training Centre was founded in 1992 and is a registered organization by the government of India. We organize 100 Hours, 200 Hours, 250 Hours, 500 Hours, & 1000 Hours courses.
Yoga Training Centre offers daily yoga and Reiki classes for all level. We organize different types of yoga on the student’s request. We provide Reiki healing and classes. We have drop-in classes as well.
The Japanese word “Reiki” translated as “the universal life force". When this energy is disrupted it may weaken the vital functioning of our cells causing physical pain or discomfort. Reiki is used to cleanse your energy pathways, thereby healing your body, mind, and soul.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Dates (Yoga Alliance)

Sr.No. Date Booking
1. 03-Sep-2019 To 30-Sep-2019 Book Now
2. 06-Nov-2019 To 01-Dec-2019 Book Now
3. 02-Dec-2019 To 29-Dec-2019 Book Now
4. 02-Jan-2020 To 29-Jan-2020 Book Now
5. 06-Feb-2020 To 04-Mar-2020 Book Now
6. 12-Mar-2020 To 08-Apr-2020 Book Now
7. 16-Apr-2020 To 13-May-2020 Book Now
8. 01-Jul-2020 To 28-Jul-2020 Book Now
9. 05-Aug-2020 To 01-Sep-2020 Book Now
10. 09-Sep-2020 To 06-Oct-2020 Book Now
11. 13-Oct-2020 To 10-Nov-2020 Book Now
12. 18-Nov-2020 To 15-Dec-2020 Book Now

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Dates (Yoga Alliance)

Sr.No. Date Booking
1. 02-Oct-2019 To 05-Nov-2019 Book Now
2. 02-Jan-2020 To 05-Feb-2020 Book Now
3. 06-Feb-2020 To 11-Mar-2020 Book Now
4. 12-Mar-2020 To 15-Apr-2020 Book Now
5. 12-Mar-2020 To 15-Apr-2020 Book Now
6. 16-Apr-2020 To 20-May-2020 Book Now
7. 01-Jul-2020 To 04-Aug-2020 Book Now
8. 05-Aug-2020 To 08-Sep-2020 Book Now
9. 09-Sep-2020 To 13-Oct-2020 Book Now
10. 14-Oct-2020 To 17-Nov-2020 Book Now
11. 18-Nov-2020 To 22-Dec-2020 Book Now
Student Reviews
Russian Federation

I came here to ytt200 with yoga alliances accreditation. and did not regret it, although at first it was scary, all the same, Varnasi is a very specific place .. but this yoga center is a miracle. You will feel in complete care and safety. Sunil is a very experienced yoga master .. he will be able to teach and show you the rare techniques of pranayama and reiki. Sharad giving Ashtanga and reads philosophy well, he graduated from Benares University, and you can hardly find such knowledge anywhere else. Chandra is an excellent yoga ticher and cooks very tasty. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to become a good teacher of yoga, and if you are already a teacher, like me, then this can greatly expand your understanding of yoga and its techniques. An excellent course of pranayama is the same. This is one of the few places in India where you can feel at home and feel all the love and care of these wonderful teachers.

Dustin Corkery

“… My experience with Sunil and Yoga has been very positive. The practice and meditation forced a self evaluation like no other, for it is relaxed, complete and without shame. As for the state of mind, my aggressive nature has slowly ceased, and I am not nearly as anxious as usually am even in my day to day events. I have stayed for 7 weeks doing Yoga, yet I am not the person that Sunil has given me the tools to find him."

Lucia Leiserach
United Kingdom

“Special experience, magical room, great teacher. You develop at your own speed and you can reach, stretch open yourself up as much as you will allow it. The mantras were amazing for me and gave me an energy I was unaware existed I could go on, but I guess all I can say is see for yourself and be gentle with yourself too!"

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